Labs For Dental Appliances

Smile Direct Club – Clear aligner orthodontics at home

Snap On Smile Lab – Snap on Smile without a dentist

From Home Dental Lab – Whitening Trays, Retainers, Sports Mouthguards, Flippers, and More


Dental Research Reviews

The Cochrane Collaboration – One of the must trusted sources of  scientific information about major dental (and most other health) topics


Fear and Anxiety Support

Dental Fear Central – Active community of people who help and support those with dental anxiety

Great Compilation of Advice on Dealing With Dental Anxiety in Children


Mouth Body Connection

The American Academy for Oral Systemic Health


Xylitol Information – Good general information website about xylitol, the alternative sweetener that can help reduce decay. I don’t agree with every bit of information on there, but most is really good to know.